7 Summer Make Up Tips- Keep your Foundation From Melting!!


The temperature is rising and the weather is heating up day by day. Whether it is a trip to gym, day out in sun, sweating can cause havoc on your face makeup. Foundation that melts off can make you look worse…

Apply Fundation
Here are few tips to prevent your foundation from melting:

  • The foundation should be applied with your fingers. The fingers give you a streak free, natural finish. One can also apply foundation on eyelids as a base for any eyeshadow. Use your hands while applying your foundation lotion.
  • You can also use concealer as a foundation. A light shade concealer draws attention to area.
  • Choose foundations which are oil free and do not contain any emollients or waxes. Powder foundations are best for oily skin and liquid silicone based foundation are best for dry skin. The silicone foundation comes in oil free formula and silicone is resistant to water and heat. It is an excellent choice to prevent streaking from heat and sweat.Concealer

Wait, We don’t just wrap up here… there are some more brilliant tips that will help you look fresh in summer.

Here are some More amazing Summer Make Up Tips that will –

Make your Foundation Stay Longer-

  • If you want to give makeup extra staying power, apply a finishing powder over foundation. The finishing powder works well on skin types except dry skin.
  • Some powder foundations including those that are liquid, when applied on face, give a powdery finish.
  • Tinted moisturizers are best as compared to foundations. They contain SPF and protect your skin from sun rays. You can also wear these moisturizers under a silicone or powder based foundation. This will give you extra coverage.
  • If you are prone to breakouts, look for foundations that are non comdogenic. These products doesn’t clog pores or lead to breakouts. Fundation

Follow above tips and choose a foundation according to your skin type and needs. So get ready to

look great regardless of how humid and hot the weather is.


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